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AMF Harley-Davidson SX 350 1973


AMF Harley-Davidson Sprint SX-350 from 1973. 4-stroke OHV engine with single horizontal cylinder, 344 cc. Manufactured by Aermacchi, Italian company connected with Harley Davidson. SX-350 was sold both in Europe and USA (initial price was 870$ plus tax). It was produced from 1971 to 1974. In 1973 several changes were made: transmission was changed from 4-speed to 5-speed and 6-Volt battery ignition was replaced with 12-Volt. The double down tube frame was introduced. Colors changed, too. Black gas tank and stainless steal fenders are characteristic for 1973 version; before 1973 tank and fenders were either bright green, or bright red.

The vehicle has been renovated. More information about renovation