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Zündapp K800 1935


Zündapp K 800 W from 1935, military version (W stands for Wehrmacht). K 800 was first presented on Berlin Motor Show in 1933, together with smaller K 500. It's the biggest Zündapp motorcycle in "series K", with Kardan drive. It was also the only four-cylinder motorcycle built in Germany in this time. Very quickly it gained the opinion of one of the best Wehrmacht machines, being both fast and reliable. K 800 was built until 1938, when it was replaced with newer model, KS 600, designed in 1937.

KS 800 was fitted with four-stroke, four-cylinder SV "boxer" engine, displacement: 791cc. Carburettor: Palas or Amal 22 mm. Bore/stroke: 62 x 66,6 mm. Power output: 20 HP (later 22 HP) at 4300 rpm. Four gears, fuel tank volume: 12,5 ltr. The weight of the motorcycle was 193 kg and its top speed was 125 km/h. It could be (and it often was) used with a side car.

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