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1930 Ravat motorcycle type Er20. Blackburne engine 350cc, 4 gears. Years of production: 1930-1931.


[thumb:img_11.jpg] Jules Ravat (images from founded his bicycle manufacture in St. Etienne (Loire) in 1898.

[thumb:img_10.jpg] Ravat manufacture in 1900

[thumb:img_12.jpg] Ravat workers in 1908

[thumb:img_13.jpg] In early 20s he started to manufacture motorcycles. First popular Ravat model was Bimoto 175cc.

[thumb:img_16.jpg] In late 20s and early 30s they marketed a series of E.R. motorcycles. The company was using engines of other manufacturers, like Zurcher, Blackburne or Koehler Escoffier.

[thumb:img_14.jpg] Ravat manufacture in 1930

[thumb:img_17.jpg] After WW2 Ravat produced bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds: they also launched scooter production in 1952 after they had bought license for Simonetta. The brand was continued until 1958.

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