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Peugeot P108 1928


1928 Peugeot P108, 4-stroke 250cc. Comapare: Peugeot P110

"A wide range of Peugeot machines was manufactured between the wars, one landmark development being the introduction of a range of unitary construction four-stroke singles in the mid-1920s. At this time almost all motorcycles had a separate engine and gearbox, linked by an exposed primary drive chain. Combining the engine and gearbox within a single assembly made for a compact and clean layout, which was a strong selling point for many prospective customers. By the decade's end the range had expanded to include five different models with engines ranging from 174cc to 346cc in capacity, all with side valves apart from the overhead-valve P105 sports roadster. These advanced Peugeots would turn out to be an immense commercial success, enabling the French manufacturer to increase production by some 85% between 1927 and 1930. " (from Bonhams)