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NSU 301 1930


The NSU 301 T motorcycle was produced from 1929 to 1930. It belonged to the first series of NSU touring models, with flat tank and side-controlled valves. The 7 hp, 298 cc 4-stroke engine originally had encapsulated valves, variable supplementary lubrication, a compression spring saddle, footrests instead of running boards, wired-on tyres and a flat aluminium exhaust silencer. The model had a 3-speed manual gearbox and a gear-driven oil pump. Its maximum speed was 85 km/h.

In late 20s NSU offered several „T” (Tourist) models, single-cylinder four-stroke machines with fuel tanks placed under the frame. They were: 201T (199 cc, 4,5 HP, top speed: 65 kph, 12900 units built in 1929-1930), 251T (249 cc, 6 HP, top speed: 75 kph, 400 units built in 1928-1929), and 301T, 9300 units of 301T were built in 1929-1930. 501T (below) joined the family in 1929, too.

[img] NSU 501T in early 30s. Photo from

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