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New Imperial 1933


1933 New Imperial Model 30 with OHV engine. Coil ignition and gearbox united with engine make it an advanced construction for its day.

New Imperial was a British motorcycle manufacturer founded by Norman Downes in Birmingham, between 1887 and 1901, and became New Imperial Motors Ltd in 1912, when serious production commenced. New Imperial made innovative motorcycles that employed unit construction and sprung heel frames long before they became commonplace, and were moderately successful in competition. The 1920s were a financially successful decade, enabling the innovations of the '30s that fought decline. New Imperial suffered financially from the sales-destroying Great Depression of the '30s, and then the founder died in 1938. New Imperial was sold, and sold again, and then ended production in late 1939, its former facilities subsequently serving the needs of a nation at war. (based on Wikipedia article)

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