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Motograziella, a miniature folding motorcycle made by Carnielli, Italy. It was built from 1968 to 1979. „Graziella” means „graceful, attractive”. Details of renovation


The Motograziella is equipped with the legendary Sachs 502 engine, 50cc. This engine was used in many mopeds and motorcycles (like Hercules or DKW).

By 1971 Motograziella was produced without rear suspension and only in one color – azure blue. From 1971 it was fitted with a rear suspension and the color palette was expanded with bright red and green. Motograziella was also distributed in Germany by Gold-Rad company from Cologne.


Above: folded Motograziella fitted to a car trunk.


Above: set of Motograziella accesories. It was probably the only motorbike which could be purchased in a bag.


Teodoro Carnielli from Vittorio Veneto was a craftsman; in his workshop he repaired and constructed bicycles. He was an active member, and then a president of the local bike association. He was one of first who recognised the great talent of Ottavio Bottecchia, who soon became the first Italian winner of Tour de France. Carnielli asked him to take advantage of the magic moment by producing a Bottecchia racing bike. After Bottecchia's mysterious death in 1927 (Bottecchia was found on the side of road with cracked skull, while his bike lying nearby was intact) Carnielli continued this activity himself, selling bikes under Bottecchia brand. In time Carnielli's small workshop grew into a real company; in thirties about 100 workers worked on constructing Bottecchia bikes. From 1931 they started to build light motorbikes, sold as Trionfo and Vittoria. There was also a big variety of Bottecchia bikes available, the most important product still being the race model. Teodoro Carnielli was race competitions enthusiast and he often promoted cyclists who rode Bottecchia bikes.

In 1951 Guido Carnielli, Teodoro's son, had a great idea: to create a bike that can be used standing still, helpful for physical rehabilitation. It was the world's first cyclette. In 1952 and 1953 Carnielli also built several 50 cc mopeds and light motorcycles: 75, 98 and 125 cc.

[img]At the beginning of the sixties, Guido had another revolutionary idea. It was the period of economic boom in Italy; more and more people could afford buying a car. So Carnielli decided to construct a motorbike with small wheels, which could be easily folded and transported in a car. Developing this model was a great economical effort for the company. GRAZIELLA – probably named after the newspaper which first advertised it – was designed by Rinaldo Donzelli in 1963 and became a worldwide success. At the end of sixties, old Teodoro retired and left his company to his sons, Guido and Mario. Motograziella remained on the market until the business was closed in the eighties.