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Moto Guzzi Sport 500 1927


The Moto Guzzi 2VT, a sport motorcycle built from 1923. 4-stroke horizontal single-cylinder 499 cc engine, top speed of 75 mph (120.7 km/h), 17 HP. When in 1924 the C4V took over the role of production racer, the model became available to the general public. This one comes from 1927.

„In 1920, Carlo Guzzi astounded the world by unveiling his first motorcycle, a horizontal single-cylinder 500 cc with a single overhead camshaft and four- valve head with twin spark plugs. It was, however, still a prototype, and when it came to series production the following year, costs demanded a simplified design. The 1923 Moto Guzzi 2 VT ("valvole in testa" or "valve in head") was the company's first racer with twin overhead valves. After 1928, it gained a swinging-fork rear suspension and remained in production until 1934. In 1924, however - now certain of commercial success - Carlo Guzzi went back to his original concept and launched the C4V, with an overhead camshaft actuating quadruple valves. (...) Sticking to the original concept, Moto Guzzi continued to make horizontal singles until 1976, in a long line that stretched from racing bikes to utility models. Guzzi also built military models for the Italian Army, police bikes for the Carabinieri, and nearly indestructible three-wheeled light commercial bikes with the same powertrain.” (from