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Matchless Silver Arrow


Matchless Silver Arrow motorcycle, years of production: 1929-1933.V-twin engine 397cc (24ci), power 16HP at 5000rpm, weight 140kg, top speed 105 km/h (65mph). Of the 1700 odd machines produced only about 40 are known to have survived.

[img] Matchless motorcycles were produced from 1899 to 1945, and from 1987 to 1993. The company was founded in Plumstead, London, by Harry and Charlie Collier, who had started out producing bicycles and went on to establish one of the most important British motorcycle firms. In 1902 the Collier brothers were already racing with their own machines, not without success. During WW1 Matchless was not contracted by the army, like many other companies, but sold some motorcycles for military service and was doing good, Even the Great Depression did not endanger the company. In this difficult time, they launched Silver Arrow and Silver Hawk models. In 1937 Matchless purchased Sunbeam (a few years later sold them to BSA) and formed the AMC group.The WW2 put the end to the best period in the history of Matchless motorcycles. After war the AMC group merged with AJS company and continued to produce motorcycles, but Matchless make was revived only for a short time in late 1980s.

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