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K-750 1958


Soviet motorcycle K-750 from 1958, built in Kiev Motorcycle Factory (KMZ). The popular nickname for K-750 was "Kate". It was based on earlier model, M-72, which was a Soviet copy of German BMW R71 motorcycle. According to some sources, BMW R71 documentation was stolen from Germany after Red Army had entered Berlin. According to others, it was offered to Soviets after signing the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact.

"In 1958 Kiev Motorcycle Factory started production of a new motorcycle, K-720. In the first year they manufactured both K-750 and its predecessor, M-72 (IMZ, another Soviet motorcycle factory, continued M-72 production until 1961, when they switched to M-61 model). Why the new model was named K-750? "K" probably stands for "Kijewlianin" ("citizen of Kiev"). This is how the first motorcycle built in the Kiev factory was named. K-750 engine was very similar to M-72 engine, but a frame and suspension were completely redesigned..." from