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Jawa speedway 1974


Jawa speedway motorcycle from 1974, built in Czech factory in Divisov (see Java Divisov). Speedway uses a unique type of motorcycle, governed by the FIM's "Track Racing Technical Rules" (FIM stands for Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme). Among other requirements, speedway bikes must have no brakes and gears.

[img]Jawa motorcycles dominated speedway sport from mid-60s. Until 1974 Jawa had no serious rivals. In 1975 Harry Weslake built his engine and next year his machines started to win races. Since this time Jawa had to compete hard. Production of Weslake bikes came to the end in late 80s, but in this time Italian GM make was introduced. Recently Jawa and GM are leaders in this branch. To the left: riding this Java, Ivan Mauger won World Championship in 1972.