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Industriada 2016, the 5th Plener Exhibition of Vintage Bikes in Pszczyna (more photos here). Our vehicles exhibited in Pszczyna were: 4-seated Böhmerland , 1925 NSU motorcycle, NSU motorized tandem from 30s and 1918 Autoped scooter.

11th June 2016, Pszczyna municipal grounds:

[img] [thumb:img_2.jpg] [thumb:img_3.jpg] [thumb:img_4.jpg] [thumb:img_5.jpg] [thumb:img_8.jpg] [thumb:img_9.jpg] [thumb:img_10.jpg] [thumb:img_11.jpg] [thumb:img_12.jpg] [thumb:img_13.jpg] [thumb:img_7.jpg] [thumb:img_6.jpg]

12th June 2016, Pszczyna castle:


[thumb:img_15.jpg] [thumb:img_16.jpg] [thumb:img_17.jpg]

Presentation of NSU tandem bike: