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Hoffmann S300 1953


1953 Hoffmann S 300, designed for Bundeswehra. Losing the army contract for this model was one of reasons of the company's bankruptcy.


Jakob Oswald Hoffmann moved his Solinger Bicycle Factory to Lintorf, near Düsseldorf, shortly after the end of World War II. In the immediate postwar era the factory made household goods, tools, and bicycles. The factory began making motorcycles in 1948. It made a range of models using engines from 125cc to 250cc made by ILO, and the Gouverneur, which had a transversely-mounted 248 cc flat twin four-stroke engine designed by Richard Küchen, and shaft drive. Power output of this first model was 11 HP at 4500 obr/min. The Gouverneur was developed into the MP 250-2 and finally, in 1953, into the S 300 model. The power output was increased to 14.5 HP (10.8 kW) at 4800 rpm. From 1949 to 1954 Hoffmann also made at least 60,000 Vespa motor scooters under licence. A licencing dispute brought this to an end in 1954. At the same time Hoffmann also withdrew from making its own motorcycles. With Vespa licence gone, problems with S 300 contract and also with mini-car developed in the same time (Hoffmann mini car was withdrawn after BMW accused them of infringement) forced the company into bankruptcy.

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