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Harley-Davidson 1910


1910 Harley Davidson, Model 6, with F-head (inlet over exhaust) 30,16 ci (494 cc) engine and battery ignition. It was the most popular 1910 Harley Davidson model (see the list below); 2302 units were sold in 1910 at the price of 275$.

[img]A year before Harley Davidson started a V-twin motor production, but only one of the five 1909 models used the new engine. Troubles with this construction forced its removal from sales catalog the following year, so in 1910 only single-cylinder bikes were offered. Model 6 takes an intermediate form between the early (1904-1908) motorised bicycles and the classic motorcycles of the 1920s. It still has the leather belt drive and bicycle-pedal starting system of the early years, and the fuel tank retains its slab-sided shape. Still, Model 6 is better designed then its predecessors and has gained a certain elegance. Several versions of Model 6 were available, with combinations of battery or magneto ignition and 28" or 26" wheels.

List of 1910 Harley Davidson models (motor numbers 4200-7600):

Model 6 - 30ci F-Head single with 28" wheels, battery ignition.

Model 6A - 30ci F-Head single with 28" wheels, magneto ignition.

Model 6B - 30ci F-Head single with 26" wheels, battery ignition.

Model 6C - 30ci F-Head single with 26" wheels, magneto ignition.

Model 6E - Factory Stock Racer, 30ci F-head single

[img]The "Bar and Shield" logo also appeared in 1910