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Emblem Little Giant Twin 1917

[img] 1917 Emblem Little GIant Twin motorcycle, 680cc. Total production of this model was only 200 units. Emblem was American motorcycle manufacturer from 1907, and their first V-twin model was introduced in 1913.

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"Like many motorcycle brands, Emblem got its start in the bicycle business. Before the turn of the century, William G. Schack was involved in small-scale production of the Emblem bicycle brand. By 1904, he had established Emblem in the little town of Angola, New York, about 15 miles south of Buffalo. And a few years later, in 1907, Emblem expanded into powered two-wheelers, offering the Model 100, a single-cylinder bike based on a Thor engine. The machine looked remarkably like an early Indian, which is no surprise, since Thor also supplied many parts for that firm’s first-generation bikes. But Emblem really created its own identity in 1913 with the introduction of a new V-twin engine displacing a then-massive 76.6 cubic inches (about 1,255cc). The big twin, made by combining two of the company’s single cylinders, made Emblem’s Model 108 the largest production machine a rider could buy at the time." from

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