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Ducati 98

[img] Ducati 98 Sport from 1950s.

"The Ducati 98, 98N, 98T, 98TL, 98 Sport (98S) and 98 Super Sport (98SS) were a series of single-cylinder OHV open-cradle pressed-steel frame motorcycles made by Ducati Meccanica from 1952 to 1958. (...) Ducati was one of several Italian companies that did well in the 1950s with lightweight sporting motorcycles like the 98, especially the 98 Sport, because production recovered relatively quickly after World War II, and because the designers understood that "a model with a racing pedigree, stylish looks, and a bit of excitement was, in the Italian designer's mind, likely to sell in larger numbers than a dull looker, no matter how well engineered, comfortable, and practical." (Wikipedia)

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