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Dresch 1934


1934 Dresch Monobloc motorcycle, chromed. See also: Dresch


"The first Dresch machine appeared in a the Paris-Nice race of 1923, ridden by Henri Dresch under the pseudonym Vachet. In 1925 he bought Le Grimpeur which produced 125cc and 175cc twostrokes, and a 350cc MAG four-stroke machine. In 1926 he purchased the Everest firm which had a factory in Paris, to which he moved. In 1927 he was joined by Pierre de Font-Réaulx of DFR and the two firms began producing and marketing a range of attractively priced and competitive motorcycles..." from

In 1934 Dresch was selling three models of motorcycles: a two-stroke 100cc "Baby", 350cc National (both of them discontinued this year) and 500cc Monobloc, which was in production to 1939, when last Dresch motorcycles were made. After war, Dresch never entered the market again. The factory was kept ready for several years- they were making spare parts - and new 350cc Baltimore model was displayed in 1948, but the postwar comeback didn't happen.

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