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BMW R51/3


1952 BMW R51/3. Years of production: 1951-1955. In this time, 18240 units were sold. Boxer flat twin engine, four stroke OHV, 494cc. Power: 24hP (18 kW), top speed 140 km/h.

"Following World War II, Germany was precluded from producing motorcycles of any sort by the Allies. When the ban was lifted, in Allied-controlled Western Germany, BMW had to start from scratch. There were no plans, blueprints, or schematic drawings. Company engineers had to use surviving pre-war motorcycles to create new plans. In 1948, it introduced the 250 cc R24, which was essentially a pre-war R23, complete with rigid rear end. When larger machines were permitted, BMW, introduced its R51/2 in 1950, a model that was in production for only one year and that was essentially a pre-war BMW produced after the war. The R51/3 was then introduced in 1951 for a production run of four years...." (Wikipedia)

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