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1930 Automoto motorcycle Type A12, 250cc.

Société des Cycles Automoto was French manufacturer of high-quality bicycles (see: Automoto bicycle) and motorcycles since the beginning of 20th century. Automoto built their own engines in the early years, but most of their motorcycles used engines from other manufacturers: Blackburne, Chaise, Zurcher, JAP and Villiers, and after WW2 mainly French engines: AMC 250cc OHV and two-stroke Aubier-Dunne.


"The summer of 1889 brought together four businessmen from Saint-Étienne: Chavanet, Gros, Pichard and Cie. They formed a professional society named the “Société de Constructions Mécaniques de Cycles et Automobiles”. These men shared a passion for powered and unpowered mechanical transportation devices, at the time meaning bicycles, tricycles and quadricycles, and desired a forum to exchange ideas around them. After a decade of doing so, all the while refining various designs and coalescing as a team, they formed a limited company in 1901 named “Société Anonyme des Constructions Mécaniques de la Loire”, or CML. Not until another decade passed, in 1910, did they assume their eventual name of Cycles Automoto. Highly respected among the day’s other great marques – Alcyon, Clément, La Française, Gauloise, Hurtu, Peugeot – Automoto came to be a preferred ride of the racing elite..." from

The factory merged with the Peugeot group in 1931. In 50s three models of light 125cc motorcycles were built by Peugeot under Automoto brand. Production ceased in 1962.

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[img] Automoto A9 and A12 brochure