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This site presents a private collection of vintage motorbikes and bicycles. Currently there are over 400 vehicles in the collection, and the number grows every year.

[img] Motorized bicycles from all over the world are the heart of our collection.

[img] You'll find here many rare bicycles, including bicycles, tandems and tricycles from 19th century.

[img] There are over a hundred and twenty motorcycles in the museum, dated from 1910 up.

[img] Over a hundred light motorcycles (below 125 cc), motorbikes, mopeds and scooters. This collection depicts their development from the first decade of the 20th century to the sixties.

[img] Vehicles from Poland are an Important part of the collection. Both prewar Polish motorization and original Polish postwar constructions are well represented.

[img] There are several interesting cars in the museum, although this collection is focused on two-wheelers.

You're welcome to join us on YouTube, too. You can watch many of our vehicles riding or take a walk through main part of the collection.